Many high school student athletes dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Reggie Bush.  While dreams are an important part of life and even contribute toward individual goal setting, statistics show that fewer than one-tenth of one percent of high school athletes will ever make it even close to this level.   

The fact is that for even the very best athletes, the importance of a good college education is paramount.  When a university provides the opportunity for a student to participate in high level sports for another four years, and perhaps even contribute to the overall cost of that education, then so much the better!   So for most families, a college education should be the overriding factor in determining your child’s choice for his or her higher education.  While sports are certainly a key consideration, when the two meet, everybody wins – the student, the parents, and the university. 

College GAMEplan helps you target the most appropriate schools for your student's academic, athletic and financial needs.  However, it is important to understand that this entire process always starts with academics.  To maximize opportunities for various forms of financial aid or scholarships, it also helps to create your own leverage.  Quite simply, the higher your child’s academic scores, the more leverage and choices he or she will have to choose from.  That’s not to say, that students who are less academically gifted cannot play sports in college – in many cases they can – but their college choices will likely be significantly more limited.  And that can make the process of finding colleges that they can play at, even more challenging. 

So how do you plan to improve your child’s grades?  How do you get a teenage student to listen and “buy-in” to the concept?  It starts early and it starts with both the parents and student establishing their own priorities and goals.  It starts by  developing a College GAMEplan.  Believe it or not, the earlier you begin your college planning process, and the more you know about the process and resources available to you, the more and better choices you will have, and the more tuition assistance you will likely be offered.

So register for your FREE College GAMEplan subscription today and start your own College GAMEplan.  We’ll guide you every step of the way with our unique and personalized, monthly newsletters that tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.  Set your own college goals, then monitor those goals each month of your high school career.  Can you really afford not to have a College GAMEplan?



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