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It all starts by building a Player Profile.  College GAMEplan gives you three Player Profile options: 

1.  Develop your own Resume using our FREE templates, 

2.  Host your professionally designed Player Bio on a national college coaches recruiting database,

3.  Include an Online Video Player Profile that can be easily emailed to college coaches. 

Option 1.  FREE:  To build your own free profile, simply copy the template below, edit it, and save it to your own computer.  You'll be able to regularly update it before and after each sports season.  Your resume profile will contain the most up-to-date information about both your child’s playing and academic performance.  Did your child increase his/her GPA?  Did they have a big game today?  Simply update your resume immediately so coaches can keep track of your child’s success in the classroom and on the playing field.  Then simply add your My Student Athlete profile to a range of cover letter templates that do everything from introducing your child to a college coach, to thanking them for your scholarship offer.


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Option 2.  $150:  Choose a professionally designed College GAMEplan Player Bio that is hosted on a college coaches recruiting website that generates over 1,000,000 student athlete searches every year. Click here for more information. 




Option 3.  $150:  Build your own professionally designed Online Video Player Profile.  This profile includes statistics, contact info, photos, award and honors, and up to two highlight videos of your game and practice film.  It includes a hyperlink that you can quickly and easily paste in to any email you send to college coaches.



Now college coaches can read about you and watch you all from the comfort of their office or home.  Click here for more information.




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